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Soccer USA make-up policy is you can attend any program as a make-up within the same week. The make-up policy applies for inclement weather or for any reason should you have to miss for personal reasons.

Inclement Weather

Due to regional weather patterns, we ask that you always travel to the site as our staff always travels. If we can conduct a positive experience, we will do so and if not then our make-up policy will be implemented.


Refunds are not provided unless requested in the first two weeks of the program. There will be a $25 administration fee for any refund requested.

Scott Holt is a coach and teacher of children and young adults. Coach Holt has coached and played at the college, high school, elementary and pre-elementary level. He has been an athletic director and has helped facilitate soccer and youth programs throughout the western United States. Coach Holt holds California multiple subject credential and USSF coaching license.

Coach Holt's college women's team has reached the Final 4 in the nation and his high school boys team has won a California North State Championship. While teaching elementary school in Santa Barbara California for 13 years, Coach Holt had the privliege of working with and inparting and inspiring youth with sports skills, team work and looking at the Fun in individual and team play.

With all of Coach Holt's playing, teaching and coaching experience in his college years by receiving the Most Inspirational Award by his coaches and teammates. Coach Holt has continuously promoted and holds closely the playing philosophy of inspiring his players, coaches and teammates.

Soccer USA holds the philosophy of inspiring its soccer community to develop the soccer and "have fun with their game" as the motto with Soccer USA.

I believe this is one of the core reasons why you have chosen Soccer USA as the best option for all your soccer development needs. Soccer USA will inspire the greatness in you. This is why Soccer USA players at all levels, "Have Fun With Thier Game".

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President Antoinette Holt

Antoinette oversees business and staff development.  She is a health and fitness enthusiast.  Antoinette is also a medical massage therapist and life coach.


Coach Jeff Hulsweh

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Counselor and Staff Carol Quevedo

Carol oversees staff counselors.  Carol is a natural with children and her enthusiasm is contagious to all those around her.  Carol is a native to the east valley, born and raised.